Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition


Pokémon Rocket is the newest game in the series, and the latest in the series of games starring Team Rocket. Jessie has been around since she was a baby, but before she became a member of the team, she had a busy life before. Before joining Team Rocket, she worked as a weather girl, model, and Ninja. Despite all this, she still managed to have several boyfriends and an extremely busy social life.

Team Rocket is the organization responsible for selling Pokemon, exploiting rare ones, and carrying out cruel research on them. Team Rocket is represented by the fan-favorite trio of James, Jessie, and talking Meowth. This trio is renowned for their mild incompetence and emotional baggage, but their dark past is also what makes them so interesting to play. It's important to remember that Team Rocket isn't as innocent as it seems and that there are serious consequences for their actions.