Mario vs. Donkey Kong


Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the sixth installment in the Mario and Donkey Kong series and is a sub-series of the Mario and Donkey Kong video game franchise. The games are puzzle video games and the series' rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong is rekindled. Mario returns to the role of Pauline and the series' original cast makes a return. The gameplay of Mario vs. Donkey Kong is challenging and fast-paced, and the game's storyline is based on the popular Mario and Donkey Kong movies.

The game is a combination of platform and puzzle elements. In order to progress through the game, Mario must find keys, open locked doors, and rescue mini-Mario from different dangers. Many of these puzzles can be challenging, but are also a fun challenge. For people who love to puzzle games, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is addictive and mentally stimulating, and has a wide variety of puzzle types.