Mario Party Advance


If you are looking for a GBA game that will be fun for all of your friends, look no further than Mario Party Advance USA. This game falls into the adventure genre and features several modes, including Shroom City, Play Land, and Challenge Land. You can play with up to four players and win the game in each one. To win each game, you must complete the level and then move on to the next one. Mario Party Advance is the seventh installment in the Mario Party series, and is the second handheld game to feature the Game Boy Advance.

To help you get the most fun out of this game, you can play a variety of mini-games, including a vehicle mechanic. Mario Party Advance has over fifty quests, all of which can be acquired by talking to the various NPCs in Shroom City. Almost every NPC in the game gives out a different quest, while certain ones are tied to more than one. Some quests will earn you Gaddgets or minigames.