Mario Golf: Advance Tour


If you enjoy playing golf, Mario's latest game, Mario Golf - Advance Tour, is a fun way to try out the new Game Boy Advance system. The game features 18 holes of golf in several locations, along with tips and tricks and clubhouse interactions. In addition to the standard game play, Mario Golf - Advance Tour USA also features singles and doubles tournaments against professionals, as well as side games and golf clinics.

There are many free ways to download Mario Golf - Advance Tour for the Gameboy Advance, including downloading it from the internet. Downloading it on your computer will require a Gameboy Advance emulator. Once you have the emulator installed on your PC, you can play the game online, or download it to your mobile device. If you prefer to play Mario Golf - Advance Tour USA offline, you can purchase it cheaply from Amazon or other online stores. It's a great game for friends, and if you want to play with someone, you can even purchase a copy to play with them!

The game is based on the Mario series, and features eight playable Mario characters. Besides Mario, the game also features a few exclusive human characters. Once you've beaten the other characters in a Character Match, you can transfer their levels to the other game modes. Some Mario characters can be'star' versions for increased distance and impact. Changing the stats of a character is possible with Custom Clubs. The following table gives you a breakdown of the stats for each Mario character.