Final Fantasy V: Advance


For a Game Boy Advance port, Final Fantasy V Advance has a lot to offer. The game has been updated to have improved graphics, a new dungeon, and optional boss fights. The game also includes a new music player and features the Job System with over 20 classes. This gives the player a lot of options and offers unexpected levels of tactical depth. This is a great port that fans of the Final Fantasy series will enjoy.

The graphics in Final Fantasy V Advance are somewhat disappointing. The graphics are not quite as impressive as the ones in the PlayStation version. However, if you play the game in chunks, the game will save your progress in key points scattered throughout dungeons. The PlayStation version was also widely criticized for its poor graphics, but the Final Fantasy V Advance is an improved port that fixes all of its faults. While the game is linear and easy to pick up, there are many secrets and hidden items that you can find.